Formally founded in 1999, we decided to fill the market void for IED defeat tools with technical characterization. Our humble beginnings as a veteran-owned family business operated out of our garage allowed us to focus on building lasting relationships with men and women in uniform by equipping them with the best operator loaded explosive system technology available.

Over the years, continued research has helped us to ensure that your team has access to the best dynamic IED defeat and explosive entry products and training. With a primary emphasis on the science behind the solution, CE continues to develop and deliver American manufactured explosive systems and training curricula that are technically characterized and operationally proven.


Christopher R. Cherry

Scientist and inventor, Chris Cherry, has worked in the field of explosive system research and design for over 40 years. After service to the United States Military in the US Army Special Forces, Chris attended college on the GI Bill. His insatiable curiosity and enthusiasm for research and application of energetic materials led him to his recruitment by the NAVEODTECHDIV in Indian Head, MD and later Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, NM.

Chris has designed and developed various IED defeat and explosive entry systems that have been adopted by law enforcement and military agencies worldwide. If you’ve ever fired the PAN™ Disrupter or breached a wall with a fracture charge, you’re familiar with his design work.

Chris currently serves as a technical consultant and designer in the field of high explosives technology in the support of the U.S. Department of Defense, US Department of Energy, US Department of Justice, local law enforcement, commercial blasting, chemical munitions destruction, HME defeat technology, and specialized commercial applications. Chris also serves as our lead designer of explosive systems and instructor for specialized EOD training for US Military, state, local and federal bomb squads as well as technical training in the field of explosive entry, and advanced demolition technology/techniques for the US Special Operations Forces.

Christopher R. Cherry, Jr.
Operations Manager/Explosive System Design

Chris Jr. continues the tradition of enthusiasm for explosive applications research, design, and instructing. Under the direct tutelage of Chris Sr., Chris Jr. has over 20 years of experience in conducting specialized explosive research and testing. In addition to overseeing the manufacture and distribution of CE products, his duties include explosive system design and field testing, patent writing, data analysis, technical writing, and training course curriculum development. He serves as an instructor in the delivery of IED defeat and explosive entry training classes. Chris Jr. also provides real time mission critical support to law enforcement agencies in the appropriate selection and application of explosive entry technology and techniques.