Developed to support law enforcement CQB operations, Cherry Engineering, INC. (CE) provides specialized high efficiency, operator loaded, precision explosive entry systems. Employing modular energy levels and multi-charge integration configurations, CE explosive entry systems allow operators the flexibility associated with traditional field improvised charge construction methods while delivering improved performance and reliability. Integrating patented shock physics technology and rigorous field testing, CE explosive entry systems deliver an unparalleled standard in explosive efficiency, performance, and personnel safety.


Cherry Engineering, INC. explosive entry systems have provided operationally proven capabilities to both US Military and domestic law enforcement personnel. Using traditional methods and in view of notable liability concerns, many law enforcement agencies have been reluctant to consider explosive breaching as a viable option in necessary dynamic entry situations. With the degree of control, reliability, and precision afforded by CE explosive entry systems and techniques, many agencies have been able to establish or expand an explosive breaching program with safety and confidence.








High efficiency charge systems provide a substantial reduction in net explosive weight reducing both air blast and fragmentation potential and allowing for reduced stacking distances and/or deployment in confined quarters.


Charges are provided with quick reference charts and charge labels for each explosive load with pre-calculated recommended safe stacking distances for exterior, interior, and interior hallway environments. Safe stacking distance recommendations were derived using proprietary CE sliding scale logarithmic functions which simultaneously account for peak reflected overpressures, reflected impulse, as well as effects of charge geometry and confinement.


Charges contain pre-assembled aggressive adhesives and/or integrated magnetic attachment systems designed for use in most all weather conditions and allow for rapid deployment with minimum time on target.


Complete product documentation is provided including detailed loading instructions, priming configurations, deployment procedures, performance testing data, recommended explosive loads and charge placement for specific targets based on comprehensive test data.


Charges employ a frangible, environmentally friendly composite tamper material or fluid mated with a thin, soft, low profile charge housing that dissociates and dissipates at short distances from the charge.


Charges are equipped with single or dual detonator direct priming features providing an advantage over traditional explosive connections by both reducing air blast and utilizing the energy of the detonator(s) to assist in target defeat.


Manufactured exclusively in the United States employing US sourced raw materials


Does Cherry Engineering offer products to individuals or private entities?

CE products are available to qualified active duty military, law enforcement personnel, and government agencies. Our products are not sold to the general public.

Is Cherry Engineering a sole source provider?

Yes. CE is the sole provider for all of our products. A sole source letter is available upon request.

Does Cherry Engineering provide specific product training?

Yes. We are the exclusive provider of standardized and customized training courses all of our charges and accessories.

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